Hardware Requirements



We do not usually supply hardware (Your computer(s), printers(s) and other physical equipment). We recommend that you deal with a reputable supplier for your computer needs that can give you local support. We will be glad to discuss our recommendations of what you need based on your store. Call us at (360) 658-9875. (USA)

  • A computer capable of running ANY version of the Windows operating system. A PC is recommended. (PCs are computers designed to run Windows) Also any of the newer Apple computers have Windows as an alternate operating system and will run WinJewel.
  • A mouse or other pointing device.
  • A Windows compatable printer. (Must be 100% compatable with your version of Windows!)
  • A hard disk with at least 80 Meg of unused space.
  • An internet connection is strongly advised (for us to give you good support) but not required.

Several features that are INCLUDED FREE with the WinJewel software program (but are not used by all users) require additional hardware. They are:

  • In store networking
  • ---Requires network cards and cable.
  • Bar coding on price tags
  • ---Requires a bar code printer and reader.
  • Automatic cash drawer
  • ---Requires a cash drawer.
  • Imaging of your inventory---Requires a digital camera or scanner.
  • Drivers License Scanning---Requires a 2 dimensional bar code scanner or a 2 strip magnetic stripe reader
  • Signature capture---Requires a digital signature pad
  • Multi-store linkage---Requires an internet connection. (modem or high speed)
  • Touch screen---Requires a screen that supports touch control.
  • Credit card clearing---Requires a card swipe mechanism to read the magnetic strip on credit cards.
  • Finger print password replacment---Requires a Sony "Puppy" fingerprint pad.
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) of inventory---Requires specialized hardware and tags.

    If you would like to use these features please call WinJewel and discuss your additional hardware needs.

Below is a touch screen computer and cash drawer configured to use WinJewel as a "Point of sale" system. Please call WinJewel at 360-658-9875 for details.