WinJewel News:

Cloud Version of WinJewel

The current "Buzz Word" in the computer business is "Cloud". It means that the data resides on a server computer somewhere and that your computer reads that data via the internet from that server.

WinJewel supports the cloud (As well as the local configuration that is more popular). The Cloud configuration has some advantages and some disadvantages.

The largest advantage is that the cloud version of WinJewel will run on Windows, Apple, Android or almost any computer operating system. All updates and maintenace are handled by someone in the cloud. Another is that you can access your data from any location that has an internet connection.

All of the software needed is included at no additional cost in the current version of WinJewel. You will incur a monthly cost from your cloud server provider (usually small).

If you have a fast internet connection, the speed of the program is about the same as running WinJewel locally.

Call Larry at WinJewel (360-658-9875) for more information or to see an example of the cloud version from your computer or tablet.

Microscope support now included in WinJewel

WinJewel now will interface with a microscope USB camera.

This can be very helpful in appraising and inventory pictures of the interior of stones or showing great detail of anything. The magnification can be from 1 to 150 power.

Call the WinJewel support department and ask for LARRY for details of how to use this or to acquire the microscope.

WinJewel is "WINDOWS 10" ready

WinJewel is certified for the newely relased version of Windows.

Windows 10 is the new Microsoft product that can replace older versions of Windows and WinJewel is 100 percent compatible. (As well as all other versions of Windows.)

So if you have a desire to upgrade to the new operating system, just be sure that all printers and other peripherals are compatible. You will enjoy the high speed and reliability that Windows 10 will supply.

The Windows 10 version of Windows has impressed us here at WinJewel. Our testing has convinced us that the changes in how files are shared offer great improvements in reliability over previous versions of Windows. Most users are saying that it is easy to learn.

You are invited to contact WinJewel support department for more information.

Drivers license scanning widely used

Many WinJewel users are speeding up the capture of customer information by scanning drivers licenses for sales, buys and pawn transactions.

WinJewel now can read US and Canadian drivers license information. This will enter name, address, and personal description information for the scanned customer.

You will need to have a scanner that can read 2 dimensional bar codes. All US states and Canadian provences are supposed to be printing the bar code data on all new licenses by 2010 renewals and new issues.

You will need to have a magnetic swipe reader that can read multi-line magnetic stripes if your state currently uses this on their license.

To turn this feature on you should go to "System Settings". Call the WinJewel support department for details.

WinJewel quoted by Wikipedia encyclopedia

WinJewel's "Jewelers Dictionary" is quoted by the widely used on-line encyclopedia "Wikipedia" in its Gemological section.

Here is a copy of their credit to us:
"Many of the article headings listed below, were drawn from WinJewel dictionary online and Jewelry Glossary - Definition of Jewelry Terms"

The WinJewel dictionary started out by using the lifetime writing of the grandfather and father of Larry Stevens. (WinJewel's president)

The dictionary is an ongoing project that has been updated over the years by many WinJewel user's contributions.

The dictionary is found by clicking on "Help" when running the WinJewel program or by going to and clicking on "Dictionary".

WinJewel's staff is proud that our dictionary is quoted by others and we thank all contributors to the ongoing project of the dictionary.

WinJewel announces the new touchscreen compatable version

WinJewel newest version is touchscreen ready.

It is available from our website to try for free. Please click on "Free Sample" at the top of this page to download the sample or request it on CD.

This newest version of WinJewel provides for mouse or touchscreen compatability in one program. If you are interested in it you can update any older version to add this very handy feature. A screen that is capable of sensing touch is required.