You can download a full working version of the WinJewel program that will run for about a month. (There is no charge or obligation)

If you have security on your computer that does not want to allow you to install WinJewel, Just give us a call and we will help you.

You may have questions about the WinJewel program that are not answered on this website. After you install the sample program you can screen or print the 200+ page WinJewel user's manual by clicking on "Help".

If you have further questions, our support department is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by calling (360-658-9875) or Emailing the WinJewel Company (winjewel@msn.com). Please include the name, address and phone number of your jewelry store.

Click here to download "WJSETUP.EXE"
(WinJewel Trial Version)

HINT: If the above file will not download on your computer:
Try right clicking on the name of the file and choose "Save" from the menu that appears.

Click here to request a mailed sample on CD.
(Sorry, We are not able to send a mailed CD to Russia or any of the former Soviet block. If your jewelry store is from there, we must ask that you download the sample by clicking the download choice above.)

Click here to download "WJCLIENT.EXE"
(Version for other computers on your network)


The main advantage to the cloud version of WinJewel is that it will run on Windows, Apple, Android or almost any computer operating system.

We have a cloud version of WinJewel setup to demonstrate it for you.

The way to connect to the Cloud WinJewel example is to start Remote Desktop Connection.
(This is a program already on almost all versions of Windows or may have to be installed on most other computers or tablets)

Type in the address of "WJVirtual.cloudapp.net:65118"
Use the signin name ''Sample''
Use the password ''Sample6500'' (note the capital S)