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WinJewel Software

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WinJewel has been around since 1981 selling jewelry store software. Our name was "Sirco Business Computers" until 1989 when we went 100% Windows based programming and changed the name to reflect our new emphasis. To come up with the name "Windows based Jewelry Software" was contracted into "WinJewel".

WinJewel offers 24 hour a day, 7 day a week phone support for it's products and uses the state-of-the art computer linking to be able to take control of your screen and see what is happening if there is ever a problem.

WinJewel is a "Microsoft Certified Partner". This means that Microsoft is a developmental partner with the WinJewel Company and agrees to provide marketing and developmental support to WinJewel and the jewelry industry.The WinJewel program itself has been through testing by Microsoft and is certified for the Windows platform.

Mail: WinJewel Software - 23730 NE State Route 3 Ste F PMB 17 - Belfair, WA 98528 - USA
Email: winjewel@msn.com
Phone: 360-658-9875
Fax: 541-314-4778

A short description of each of our department heads:

Eddie Weber Owner and President of WinJewel Software since January 1st, 2021. He is a long time Software Programmer for WinJewel. He has a college degree in computer programming. His knowledge of programming, web design and computer hardware make him a great contributor to WinJewel and a logical continuer of the program. Email: eddie@winjewel.com

Larry Stevens the original designer and original president of the company ran his own jewelry store business for 34 years. He now works only weekends and holidays answering phone calls. He is a past president of the Oregon State Jewelers Association, a past member of the Board of Directors of Jewelers of America, a past president of the Northwest Guild of the American Gem Society. WinJewel is the result of combining Larry's two loves of the jewelry business and the computer business. Email: larry@winjewel.com


WinJewel's youngest programmer hard at work.