Version 3.2 is a major update

Please be certain to read the directions

The update that you will be receiving was posted 11/27/96 and is version "3.21P". If you are NOT a registered user of WinJewel this update will not work. Click here to go back to WinJewel's home page and find out how to get a fully functional trial copy of WinJewel

The directions for updating have changed. Be certain that you have a backup of your data before doing any update. Run a sort everything to re-index the files after completing the update.
If you are running version 3.2 or higher, click this Line for a shorter way to update.

If you are running a version numbered less than 3.2 then you need to update your operating system files by following the directions below:


  • 1 - Download each of the update files below to one directory on your hard drive that has nothing else in it except these three files.
    Just click on the names of the files below and if your browser asks where to put the file tell it any directory that you want to use. (You may want to set up a new directory called what ever you want to call it.)
  • 2 - Go to DOS and log to that directory.
    Just click on the MSDOS prompt icon. Log to your temporary directory by typing "CD \TEMPFILE" . Of course you will substitute the name of your directory for the word TEMPFILE.
  • 3 - Run each of the update programs by typing their name and pressing enter.
    Just type the word UPDATE1. The file will expand into the various files needed to update your program. Then type UPDATE2. Then type update3.
  • 4 - Go back to Windows and run the setup program in your temporary directory.
    Type the word EXIT and press enter. This will close the MSDOS screen. (In Windows 95 you may have to click on the X in the upper right corner of the screen.) Click on RUN then click on browse. Find the directory that you are using as the temporary directory and double click on it's name. You should see a file called SETUP.EXE. Double click on it to start the automatic installation program.

    Click on the file names below to download the files to your computer.



    (download all three to a single directory that has nothing else in it.)